FAQ - Program Versions

Program Versions

CYPE allows users to access its software in four different ways. One is free (Evaluation version) and the other are of exclusive use to clients (Professional version, Campus version and Temporary license). The Evaluation version includes all CYPE program features, its use, however, is temporary. The Professional version, Campus version and Temporary license do not have this limitation, and their features depend on the permits which have been acquired by the user or organism that has requested them.

More information on the features and properties of the versions can be found by clicking on the links at www.versions.en.cype.com.

There are no specific CDs for installing the Professional version, Evaluation version, Campus version or Temporary license. These versions can all be installed using the CYPE program installation CD. During the installation process you will be asked which type of version is to be installed. The versions can also be installed by downloading the corresponding program file from our downloads website.

If you currently have a non-updated program version or wish to install several versions, please consult How to install another CYPE program version but still keep the current version operative.

This may occur because the CYPE program server is temporarily out of service and it has not been possible to establish a connection. Try accessing the program later on. If the problem continues, make sure you have a permanent internet connection and that ports 30333 and 30334 of your router or firewall are open (port 995 if you are using the Campus version).