FAQ - Operating System

Operating System

CYPE guarantees the compatibility of its software with the following operating systems:

Yes. CYPE programs are guaranteed to work with the Microsoft operating systems indicated in the Which operating systems are compatible with CYPE programs? question. Nonetheless, there are applications for Apple® Macintosh® computers which allow for operating systems other than those which were created explicitly for them to be installed.

At CYPE, we have carried out the required checks to guarantee our programs work on Macintosh computers on which, using Parallels Desktop, a Microsoft operating system our programs are compatible with, has been installed.

Parallels Desktop is a multiplatform application which creates virtual machines on a Macintosh computer and allows for operating systems which are not Apple operating systems to be installed. This way, applications designed for different operating systems can be used in the same Macintosh session (without the need of having to restart the computer).

The system requirements for the installation of Parallels Desktop in a Mac computer, and hence, CYPE are:

  • Hardware requirements

    • A Macintosh computer with an Intel processor (1.66 GHz or higher) is necessary. To execute 64 bit operating systems on virtual machines, an Intel Core 2 or higher processor is required.
    • At least 1 GB memory (2 GB memory recommended).
      Note: Your Mac computer must have enough memory to execute Mac OS X and its application, as well as the memory required for the operating system of the virtual machine and the application installed on it.
    • Approximately 300 MB disk space on the start volume to install Parallels Desktop.
    • Approximately 15 GB disk space for each virtual machine.
  • Software requirements

    • Mac OS X v10.4.11 or higher

To install Parallels Desktop on your Mac computer and then the selected Microsoft operating system, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers of these products.