FAQ - License Key Detection

License Key Detection

We have detected that some users are having problems when trying to access CYPE’s electronic licenses. As a temporary solution, please use Google’s DNS addresses, which are very safe and always work.

Below are the steps you have to take to change them from any Windows version:

  1. Go to Windows explorer, place the cursor on the Network icon, and with the right button, select Properties.

  2. Click on your connection (Connections); this could be Wifi, Ethernet or Local network. In the dialogue box that opens, click on the Properties button.

  3. Find “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, click on it (it will be highlighted in blue) and click on the Properties button.

  4. Only modify the addresses of the DNS server, as shown in the following image:

Can I use my user license permissions with “BIMserver.center” programs?

If you consider it is necessary, contact the technical support service of your internet company to update the DNS.

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CYPE programs that are downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform may require professional permissions with the same features as those required for programs downloaded from the Download area of the CYPE website. The same program can be downloaded from both locations. However, the use permissions acquired from the BIMserver.center platform (which are only saved in the user profile) are independent from those of physical (local or network keys) and electronic license keys, which provide access to programs download from our Web.

For users to be able to use the permissions of their “local physical key” or “electronic key”, with programs downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform, the option: Save my license in BIMserver.center, has been implemented.

This option is located in the “Permissions” panel, which can be accessed by pressing the button with the license key number. The license key number is located in the CYPE program menu or in the “About…” panel (which is selected by clicking on “Help” or the Globe icon in the top right-hand corner of CYPE program screens).

Can I use my user license permissions with “BIMserver.center” programs?

Can I use my user license permissions with “BIMserver.center” programs?

To export the permissions, users must be connected to their BIMserver.center account. If not, when the “Save my license in BIMserver.center” button is pressed, a panel will open to connect to the account.

The permissions saved on a physical network key, cannot yet be exported to the BIMserver.center.

Once the permissions of the local physical keys or electronic keys have been exported, the numbers of the exported licenses will appear on the “BIMserver.center” user profile together with the modules acquired in the platform.

If the license is ever updated or extended, the license must be re-saved in BIMserver.center so that the user permissions on this platform are updated.

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Access to the permits recorded in CYPE program user licenses via a network is done so using TCP/IP. CYPE programs communicate with the server using an IP address and port number.

The server will have to be active and at a computer that can be accessed by clients.

CYPE programs consult the server (IP + port) to see which permits are held by users to be able to use a program or module and, if the server provides access confirmation, the program will open without any problem.

If no confirmation is provided or the reply is negative, an error will be displayed.

Operation of CYPE programs with network licenses and electronic licenses

If it is a network license:

The Network License Server will see to these requests using the following ports (which can be configured): by default 30333 TCP, 30334 UDP and 30335 TCP. The waiting time and number of attempts can also be configured. All the computers of the CYPE program users which can access the computer at which the Network License Server is installed and have all the configured ports open, will have access to the permits recorded in the Network License and, therefore, will be able to work with the acquired programs without any problem (up to the maximum number of users of the Network License).

A virtual private network is a stable work environment if the connection line is reliable.

If it is an electronic license:

The IPs of the CYPE Servers which receive client requests are:

servidortemporales.cype.es (currently IP and

servidortemporales2.cype.es (currently IP

The port used is 30333 (TCP)

The CYPE program installed in the user’s computer will consult the CYPE server as to which permits have been acquired. When these have been confirmed by the server, the user will be able to work. In this case, the only parameters that can be configured are the waiting time and the number of attempts.

If the connection line cuts-off and a reply is not received or the license does not contain the corresponding permit, it will not be possible to use the application.

If a proxy is used, the packages returned by the server will have to be guided towards the computer which is waiting for a reply. If the reply is not received, it will not be possible to use the application.

A connection is established between a CYPE program and CYPE Servers using an email and password.

Several licenses can have the same email and password and so users can choose which one is to be used in the connection.

The last email and password that were used are saved, i.e., if nobody has used the license since it was last used, when the computer is switched on, it will automatically connect to this license, without the need of having to reintroduce the email or password.

An Administrator exists when Electronic Licenses are used, who can change the email and passwords of the licenses. The origin IPs can also be restricted, so that, even though users know the password, the licenses cannot be used at computers other than at those selected by the Administrator.

Use of the program with Citrix, Terminal server or similar

Its operation is permitted with network or electronic licenses due to its operation philosophy. In other words, if clients can access the server and obtain the permits, they will be able to access without any problem. The user data is saved in the user profile, which is unique in virtual computers and different for each user. The same profile cannot be used in the server for several users simultaneously.

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The Campus version requires a permanent broadband connection for it to work. This CYPE program version has been designed especially for working in public networks which operate under the premise of Eduroam (more information can be found in the Campus Version site). One of these premises is the guarantee that port  995 is always open, which allows for CYPE programs to connect at any moment with a remote server to validate the user.

Port  995 is usually used to receive e-mail, so it is possible for some antivirus programs to block CYPE program data which is sent via this port, when they detect that the data does not contain the usual e-mail coding.

If you are using the Campus Version and you are informed by CYPE that it has not been possible to connect to the remote server, first of all check that your internet connection works correctly. If, after verifying the internet connection, the problem persists, it may be possible that your antivirus is blocking the communication between CYPE and the remote server. To solve this problem, deactivate the outgoing mail analysis of the antivirus. Having done so, try executing the Campus version again.

If deactivating the outgoing mail analysis has solved the problem, remember to reactivate it having concluded your CYPE program session.

If the problem persists, please contact CYPE’s technical support service.

If you have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, you will not be able to copy any files to the root directory of the “C:” drive using the Copy and Paste commands or the Save as option. To copy the “clv” file which contains your license key codes in the root directory of the “C:” drive, you must drag it, using the left mouse button, from the e-mail you have received (or from wherever you may have saved it) to the “C:” drive (the “C:” drive can be accessed using My Computer or Windows Explorer).

Bear in mind that to be able to carry out these operations, you must have administrator privileges at the computer at which the usb key has been placed. Otherwise, the key codes have to be installed manually. To do so, follow the installation instructions included in the CYPE program USB (or the directory in which the ‘complete version’ installation file, downloaded from our website, has been decompressed) contained in the desired language folder.