About Us

About Us
KNX Skills Development Centre Sdn Bhd (KSDC)
is a subsidiary of Seikou Group. Seikou Group was incorporated in 2003 focusing on Building & Home Automation as well as Factory Automation in Malaysia. Today, we have established as one of the well-known KNX system integrator in Malaysia as well as certified KNX++ training centre. KSDC was founded in 2011, as a CSR with a vision of ‘Providing Knowledge to Under-privileged Student’. We educate and provide skills training to school leavers and students who could not afford to further their studies due to financial constraints.

Since 2013, KSDC has been supporting Ministry of Works Malaysia to train electrical students to compete in WorldSkills Competitions, where the best qualified students from 50 other countries compete in Electrical Installation as well as KNX programming; As of to date, KSDC has been an active partner (in terms of participation and support) at WorldSkills ASEAN Hanoi 2014, WorldSkills Sao Paolo 2015, WorldSkills ASEAN Kuala Lumpur 2016, WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 and most recently WorldSkills ASEAN Bangkok 2018, achieving 2 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals and 3 Medallion for Excellence.

KSDC also has been appointed as the Centre of Excellence for special skills training for competitors representing Malaysia by Ministry of Works Malaysia.

In 2019, KSDC ventured in providing OpenBIM software training to academia and industry. We also have signed MoA, MoU and NoU with selected academic institutions and government bodies.

KSDC is also a partner to BIMeD Sdn Bhd, a leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training and Education company; in providing Asset Lifecycle BIM Training and Education for design, construction to operation stages from the industry leader perspective.

We believe that proper training and development are vitally important for skills for the future.

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